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About the Author

My name is Maureen Newton. I am a keen local historian using oral, visual and documentary evidence to present history-based topics.

I enjoy writing and produce a quarterly newsletter called 'Hucknall Torkard Times', plus books and many articles, all history-orientated. Workwise, I am Bursar in Local History for Ashfield District Council, organising fairs, workshops or open days, setting up exhibitions, designing displays, giving talks, guiding walks, researching various subjects but specialising in the history of Hucknall.

For almost 30 years, I have been a member of Hucknall Heritage Society, as committee member, secretary and presently as Chairman. Interest in family history research has lead to my being on a committee for Derbyshire Family History Society for about 15 years and I am currently working on the Marriage Index Project for the Society.

The latest publication on this site is the parish records of St Mary Magdalene for the years 1728 to 1851 which can be accessed from the 'Sources' page.

Reasons for the Site

Why do I feel I need a website?

Well - sometimes I look at sites which have not been updated for a long time and I feel disappointed. Some sites have no sources listed, therefore it is impossible to check any facts. Will this site be different? I hope so. It will be updated on a regular basis and have sources listed.

For many years, I have been actively researching sources related to Hucknall. During this time, I have been collecting an extensive archive for the town, which I am happy to share with other researchers through various media. Local people can drop in to browse when I set up local history days or workshops. Often, people write and request help but perhaps those who live further afield would also like the opportunity to link to such a local resource.

I also make regular visits to venues such as local libraries and the Nottinghamshire Archives Office and am happy to help with research for a small fee and expenses. So, do you, by any chance, have a family or local connection with Hucknall? If so, you might like to send me an e-mail.

Contacting Maureen

I am always on the lookout for items for inclusion in the history-based newsletter 'Hucknall Torkard Times'. Perhaps you might consider sending articles, memories, snippets, 'help wanted' requests, suggestions, ephemera, illustrations - in fact anything that may add a small piece towards the jigsaw of Hucknall's history.

To send me an e-mail, just click on the 'E-mail Maureen' button in the left-hand column of any page.

Please report any broken links directly to the website designer at: design@sherweb.co.uk

Last Word

Whilst writing the material for this site, I have talked about poets and prizefighters, framework knitters and flying bedsteads, computers and colliers, Harriers and hosiery, just to name but a few items. Itís good to know that, despite difficulties, the town continues as a welcoming, friendly community. Iím proud of Hucknall and I love the people - itís my kind of town.

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